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EACTS/PASCaTS Session2019
33rd EACTS Annual Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal, 3-5 October 2019
Fri 4 Oct, 09:45 - 11:15 Controversies in valve repair vs replacement for congenital and rheumatic heart diseases in LMICs                                                                
Focus Session  Room 3C, Pav 3

Moderator(s): A. Urban, Asmara, C. Yankah, Berlin, C. Mestres, Zürich                       
Panellist(s): B. Abdelmalek, Constantine, R. Rodrigues, Lisbon
Objectives: Training the trainers. Solutions for low budget surgery to enhance accessibility and affordability to congenital and rheumatic heart surgery

09:45  Cardiovascular health diplomacy in LMICs.: Quo vadis? C. Yankah, Berlin

09:55 Key-note address: A paediatric cardiac surgical program in the poorest country in Africa, Eritrea: A reflection on over 1000 clinical cases A. Urban, Asmara

10:10  Late presentation of tetralogy of Fallot – A view at a triad of surgical options: BTS vs RVOT stenting vs. primary repair D. Reddy, Durban

10:20  Key-note address: GUCH. A Continuing Challenge in LMICs. F. Smit, Bloemfontein

10:35  Sutureless rapid deployment MIS AVR (Partial Sternotomy + Right lat. Access) and TAVI. Is Africa ready? J. Kempfert, Berlin

10:45  Surgery for failed repairs of congenital and rheumatic aortic valve disease in youths and adults: Athrombogenic AVR vs. Ross procedure. Who gets what? Z. Al Halees, Riyadh

10:55  Discussion
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