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Background/Aims/Target Groups - PASCaTS

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Background/Aims/Target Groups

AfroValve Repair Camp 2019

Partner of the PSASCaTS

AfroValve Repair Camp, Ghana

Master Class Rheumatic Mitral Valve Repair 
Course in West Africa, 14 -15 September 2019     
Mitral valve repair esp in children is an athrombogenic procedure versus replacement which is underutilized in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) due to lack of skill training programs.

To promote athrombogenic valve repair procedures for the management of juvenile rheumatic mitral valve disease.
To advance cardiovascular education in rheumatic valve surgery.

Learning Objectives
The two-day course will provide an insight into the:
Normal anatomy, pathomorphology of mitral valve apparatus (annulus, leaflets, chordae, papillary muscle)
Echocardiographic features of the normal and rheumatic mitral valve apparatus.
To learn and understand the basic concepts of mitral valve repair.
To practice repeatedly on biological simulators under tutorial guidance how to apply the various techniques for repairing different mitral valve pathologies in individual patients. 
To acquire surgical skills and competence in mitral valve repair.
To learn limitations and predictability for successful repair of different mitral valve pathologies on biological simulator.
To empower young generation surgeons to do complex valve repairs, in a reasonable time-frame with low rate of procedural related complications.

Structure and design
Module I: Introductory lectures and live surgeries (in Box)
Module II: Hands-on wetlab training
Module III: Local proctoring on request

Target Groups
Practicing cardiac surgeons and  members of heart teams (cardiologists and cardio-anaesthetists) who are responsible for the decision-making for juvenile rheumatic mitral valve procedures are cordially invited.

Participation by invitation: Only six (6) surgeons for the hands-on training.

Hotel accommodation
Swiss Spirit & Alisa hotel, Accra. Please make your hotel reservation through the organizers:
The organizers will facilitate the reservation of the hotel rooms after confirmation of participation with arrival and departure dates on your behalf upon request.

Six registered participants will work in three groups, each group of two trainees stand opposite each other. The work table will provide comfort in standing or sitting to avoid backache.

Hands-On Valve Repair Sessions

Session I
Closed mitral valvotomy without heart lung machine support
Pure non-calcified mitral stenosis
-Closed transatrial mitral valvotomy in children

Session II
Dilated Mitral Annulus: Annuloplasty techniques
Continuos posterior suture annuloplasty + autologous pericardial reinforcement
Synthetic ring annuloplasty

Session III
Leaflet procedures
Posterior leaflet prolapse
Quadrangular/Triangular resection of the posterior leaflet, plication of the annulus at the base of the resected leaflet segment with 2-4 sutures + Synthetic ring annuloplasty.
Leaflet plication
Thickened Leaflet without sever calcification
Retracted anterior mitral leaflet
Augmentation of the anterior mitral leaflet with autologous pericardium + Synthetic ring annuloplasty.

Session IV
Retracted/elongated chordae
Chordal replacement with Gortex (PTFE)
Chordal transfer: Quandrangular resection of the posterior leaflet segment with chordae of proper length are borrowed and transposed to the adjacent anterior mitral leaflet.
Secondary chordae resection

Session V
Fused Commissures
Thickened displaced papillary muscle
Papillary muscle splitting

Session VI
Complex repair cases
Triangular/Quadrangular resections and sliding plasty. Chordal transfer, Chordal replacement etc.
How to register
E-mail registration form can be access HERE   
Online registration form can be access HERE
Deadline for registration: 31 July 2019
Workshop preliminary program is available HERE
Sponsors: Edwards Lifesciences Foundation
Inauguration of AfroValve Repair Group (West Africa)
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