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Preliminary Program - PASCaTS

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Preliminary Program

AfroValve Repair Camp 2019

Partner of the PSASCaTS

AfroValve Repair Camp, Ghana

Master Class Rheumatic Mitral Valve Repair 
Course in West Africa, 14 -15 September 2019     
Preliminary Program
Echo features of pure rheumatic mitral stenosis: Dr. Nana Akyaa Yao, Paediatric Cardiologist, KTH, Accra
Anatomy & pathomorphology of rheumatic mitral valve stenosis. The surgeon’s view: 
Prof. Dr. Charles Yankah, DHZB, Berlin

Coffee/Tea Break

Mentor: Prof. Charles Yankah
Demonstrations of the normal mitral valve apparatus
Demonstration of pig’s mitral valve and the possible structural changes.
Demonstration of transatrial approach to the mitral valve via the left atrial appendage (auricle)
Trainees (Hands-on training)
Day 1: Hands-on practice on pig heart under tutorial guidance for pure juvenile rheumatic mitral stenosis:
Transatrial approach to the mitral valve
Commissurotomy/valvotomy techniques
Papillary muscle splitting techniques
Resection of secondary chordae

Day 2: (Repair techniques for complex cases)
Posterior leaflet plication techniques
Triangular leaflet resection techniques
Quadrangular leaflet resection techniques
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