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Call for Mentors - PASCaTS

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Call for Mentors

Afro Echo Course 2019

Partner of the PSASCaTS

Dear Colleagues,
It is our great pleasure to invite you to join the InterCor team and to contribute with your clinical experience, wealth of knowledge in cardiology and team spirit by engaging in teaching the young generation Ghanaian physicians to improve cardiovascular healthcare for the underserved communities. This initiative is addressed to active and retired cardiologist volunteers and Chiefs of cardiology centres to support this mentorship program.

Currently, sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) does not have adequate qualified cardiology capacity to cope with the high demand of cardiovascular services. Every third/fourth adult African is confounded with cardiovascular disease risk factors such as diabetes II and hypertension.  Physicians in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) are challenged with early and proper diagnosis and the treatment of congenital heart (CHD) and rheumatic diseases (RHD), tuberculous constrictive pericarditis (CP), endodmyocardial fibrosis (EMF), hypertensive and arryhthmogenic  cardiomyopathies at various clinical stages followed by degenerative valve (DVD) and coronary artery diseases (CAD).
The major reasons for this initiative is the alarming situation in cardiology capacity and services in Africa. Ghana has only one board certified paediatric cardiologist and 13 adult cardiologists for the 29.8 million population (11 million under 15 years of age). The situation therefore, demands immediate training programs in echocardiography to improve the capacity and accessibility for echocardiographic diagnostic services for the underserved communities and to support perioperative cardiac care.

Purpose of the Cardiology Missions                                                         
To teach clinicians and residents echocardiographic diagnostics. To strengthen cardiology capacity and improve cardiology clinics and services. To bring the underserved population to a stage of diagnosis for proper conservative (Phase II) and surgical (Phase III 2020) therapies of their cardiac diseases.
The cardiology clinics will provide:                                                                            
Retooling of intensive care unit to manage critically ill patients, develop cardiology emergency training and management and develop an infrastructure for interventional cardiology and postcardiotomy care. Thus saving lives of underserved population with CHDs and RHDs.

Cardiology Missions in 2018/19                                               
While addressing strategies for training programs in cardiology and cardiac surgery for young generation Africans, InterCor has already begun echocardiography courses in Ghana since September and December 2018 to tackle the increasing demand for cardiologists.

The Cardiology teams/Partner clinics 2018                                         
Dr. Andreas Kaestner, Private Paediatric Clinic, Berlin, Dr. Mustafa Yigitbasi, Prof. Dr. Charles Yankah, Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin and Dr. Himal Dama, Heart Centre, Durban.

The Cardiology teams/Partner clinics 2019                                             
Dr. Andreas Kaestner, Private Paediatric Clinic, Berlin, Dr. Mustafa Yigitbasi, Prof. Dr. Charles Yankah, Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin, Dr. Ektarina Ivanaskaia, Heart Clinic, Coswig, 
Dr. Henning Kuehne, Interventional Cardiologist, Berlin.                                                           
Dr. Ulrike Doll, Dr. Sheeraz Habash and Dr. Joerg Shirmeister, Dept of Paediatric Cardiology, Universitätsklinikum Erlangen
Cardiology Clinics: 
Rural Kibi Hospital  & Urban Cape Coast Teaching  Hospitals, Ghana
AfroEcho Courses September & December 2018 
Invitation to Mentor Echo Training Courses                                              

Target physician groups: 
Adult Internists, Paediatricians, Adult Cardiologists, Anaesthetists                                                                    

Where: Training centre at the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital, Cape Coast, Ghana  

Dates 2019: 9-16 March, 10-15 June and 18-23 November       

Open dates: April, May and September                                                                                                                                              

Duration: At least one week                                                                 

Travel Support: Air tickets, boarding and lodging will be provided  

Working and Training of Young Physicians from Overseas           
InterCor will develop high quality teaching and training programs with standards to offer overseas trainees wishing to join the team for short or long periods. PASCaTS is applying to European chambers of physicians for supporting trainees taking time out of program to widen their clinical skills and knowledge in tropical cardiovscaular medicine.

Project Management: PASCaTS in collaboration with DHZB.

Whom to send your application: You may send your application to
E-mail:   cc: 
Prof. Dr. Charles Yankah, President & Founder, PASCaTS
Phone: +49-172-3020143
InterCor is a taskforce of PASCaTS which is recruiting volunteer cardiovascular specialists for missions in Ghana, West Africa. It operates in collaboration with PASCAR, German Heart Centre Berlin, Paediatric Clinic Berlin, University of Erlangen, to train physicians in echocardiography/cardiology in Ghana (Phase II). Its aims are to strengthen universal health coverage for the underserved population at secondary and tertiary level. The project will support perioperative cardiac care to strengthen the cardiology services and improve the outcomes of long-term follow-up patients.
InterCor has just completed a heart screening program for rheumatic heart disease (RHD) among 4750 children and adolescents in Ghana (Phase I).
Cardiac surgery program will begin in late 2019 with a team comprises of paediatric and adult cardiac surgeons and cardiologists, cardiac anaesthesiologists, cardiovascular nurses (OR, ICU and General), perfusionists, physiotherapists, bio-engineers, coordinators (managers). Volunteers are invited to join with an application to:
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