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In every 30 seconds a baby is born with a  life-threatening, in most cases treatable heart defect. 48 % of babies  with heart defects die before their first birthday. Many children are  dying of treatable rheumatic heart disease. Cardiovascular disease/heart  failure is the leading cause of death among adults worldwide. Up to 80  per cent of premature heart attacks and strokes in adults can be  prevented. Help us expand access to health technologies, screening,  diagnostics, treatment and recovery to

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Exhibition space at the Accra International Conference Centre

Pan-African Society for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
c/o Prof.Dr.Charles Yankah
Anschrift: Budapester Straße 39, 10787Berlin, Germany 1
Bankverbindung: Deutsche Apotheker- u. Ärztebank, BLZ 10090603
Konto Nr.: 0005899494, und 0105899494 (Spendenkonto)

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