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AfroValve Repair Training Camp, Accra, Ghana, West Africa

Skill Training for Competence in Complex Cardiovascular Surgery

Only 10% of mitral valve procedures in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) constitute repairs, therefore, underutilized because of limited surgical skills and experience. Due to lack of skills in valve repair procedures in many centres, several children with complex heart disease are referred to hospitals outside their countries. PASCaTS in collaboration with the German Heart Centre Berlin has introduced a cardiac surgery simulation training program in West Africa for the population of 350 million which will enable cardiac surgeons to achieve the skills and competence needed to have the confidence to perform complex heart operations in children in a much more effective and sustainable way.  This initiative will help more African heart surgeons to save a lot of lives of babies with complex heart disease who do not make it in the first year of life. A similar program will be established in Nigeria soon.
Complex Heart Repair Training Program in Ghana, West Africa 2019
Master Class Rheumatic Mitral and Congenital Valve Repair Simulation Course in Ghana, West Africa: Course Directors: Dr. Susanna Vosloo, Cape Town, Prof. Dr. Charles Yankah, Berlin 
Venue: Swiss Spirit & Alisa Hotels, North Ridge, Accra, Ghana
To learn and understand the basic concepts of congenital and rheumatic valve repair.
To promote valve repair procedures for the management of juvenile rheumatic mitral valve disease.
To promote valve repair procedures for the management of congenital  valve disease
To advance education surgery of inflammatory and degenerative cardiovascular diseases and options for surgical management.
To practice deliberately repeated valve repair procedures on biological simulators under tutorial guidance to achieve surgical skils and competence.
To empower young generation surgeons to do complex valve repairs in a reasonable time-frame with low rate of procedural related complications.
Participants from Angola, Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, Uganda, a cong. cardiologist and a tutor (Sept. 2019)                                     
Participants from Angola, Ethiopia, Nigeria and two tutors (Nov. 2019)
Pan-African Society for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
c/o Prof.Dr.Charles Yankah
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