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First Pan-African Cardiothoracic Surgery Summit (PACTSS)

Venue: Accra International Conference Centre, Accra, Ghana, West Africa.                                                                
Address: Castle Road, Accra-Osu, Ghana; GA-057-0036
The Pan-African Cardiothoracic Surgery Summit is an interactive multi-disciplinary forum which aims to develop a network for a mutual exchange of knowledge and cooperation between medical centres and industries, clinicians and paramedical colleagues, civil society, academia and politics. It is working in partnership with European Association for Cardiothoracic Surgery (EACTS), Society of Thoracic Surgeons of America (STS) and German Heart Centre Charité (DHZC) Berlin and in  collaboration with professional cardiothoracic societal of Africa, Asia, Latin America, India and North America.
The summit will address the increasing burden of global polyvascular disease: coronary, cerebral and peripheral artery disease (NCDs) and cardiovascular injuries which is life threatening and requiring  strengthening capacity that will enable more access to catheter cardiovascular intervention and surgery.
The summit will unite  communities of African and global cardiothoracic and vascular professionals, experts, and researchers, offering an opportunity to share with you a comprehensive in-person  cutting-edge therapies for complex congenital heart surgery in neonates, children and adults, congenital cardiovascular emergencies, cardiac valve repair versus replacement, on- and off pump CABG, chest trauma, infective aortic root and mitral valve surgery, aortic, therapeutic bronchoscopy, lung, pleural and esophageal surgery.
The global experts will share with you the current challenges in strengthening capacity in cardiovascular medicine and surgery, anesthesiology and critical care and the future of cardiac surgery in Africa and global cardiovascular health. Beyond the learning, it’s a chance to connect and to develop a network in a amicable atmosphere.

Learning Objectives

To learn and familiarize with strategies and approaches for managing cardiovascular emergencies from the neonate to the adolescent: and adult age.                                                                                                    
To learn techniques of thoracic aortic and cardiac valve repair and replacement for congenital and acquire cardiovascular pathologies.  To learn techniques for endoscopic thoracic surgery mediastinal and pulmonary diseases.
To learn and experience interventional cardiac surgery procedures: valve repair and replacement for congenital heart disease, coronary revascularization strategies: coronary artery bypass grafting or percutaneous coronary interventions.
To learn how to manage chest traumas and associated cardiovascular injuries.
To learn about microvascular approach for managing acute and chronic cerebral and peripheral malperfusion.
To learn imaging techniques and surgical approaches for cardio-pulmonary and mediastinal diseases (oncology) and standard therapies.
To apply advanced imaging in guiding surgical decision-making.
To applying risk prediction models for clinical decisions, treatment strategies in congenital and acquired heart surgery for better outcomes.
To learn the basics in generative artificial intelligence and its application in cardiovascular healthcare for better outcomes.  
Provide a platform for networking and sharing knowledge. Empowering young generation clinical and academic cardiothoracic and vascular physicians to unfold their potential for innovation to improve healthcare in their fields.                                                             
Practice evidence-based cardiothoracic and vascular surgery.                     
Apply current standard techniques and procedures for better outcomes of patients.
Charting for competence, sustainability and resilience in the practice of cardiothoracic and vascular medicine and surgery in the global south esp. in Africa.
1. Promote leadership agility and management in cardiovascular clinical practices in cardiology, cardiac surgery, cardiovascular nursing, perfusion and capacity building.
2. Shape strategic plans for strengthening the needed capacity building programs in clinical surgery and interventional procedures of congenital and acquired cardiothoracic and vascular diseases (NCD) , research and science to  enhance the healthcare systems.  
3. Promote surgical skill simulation training in the curriculum of clinical cardiothoracic and vascular surgery training programs
4. Promote digital documentation in healthcare/cardiovascular healthcare for efficient patient care and services: Enhancing diagnostics, treatment and recovery (intensive care).
5. Develop network of leading health care personnel, heads of cardiothoracic and vascular departments and professional organizations across academia, industry, politics and civil society with the alliance of cardiothoracic centres,
6. Promote heart team model to enable concensus in decision making process to establish strategies for medical and surgical therapies for better outcomes of patients
7. Promote health information systems (HIS): Generation of databases, Artificial intelligence (AI).
8. Develop digital health projects: tele-medicine programs to enhance health systems (regular affordable transfer of knowledge) and to strengthen institutional networking and partnership..
9. Develop and enforce a culture of maintenance to sustain the healthcare support technologies to ensure patient safety and efficient healthcare delivery
10. Empower and promote women in cardiothoracic surgery.

Future Perspectives
The forum serves as a wake-up call to the healthcare authorities in the LMICs.  Sub-regional centres of excellence as a collective investment for individual national development in the context of north-south and south-south triangular development cooperation would be a great achievement of the century.
The following points are incentives for promoting high-level cardiovascular health political reforms in Africa and global south.
1. Achieve the unmet goal of 15% health expenditure in order to develop community-based and national health insurance systems that will allow universal healthcare and access to cardiovascular healthcare,
2. Promote regular seminars on leadership and governance in collaboration with professional organizations and institutions to strengthen healthcare efficiency in non-communicable diseases (NCD),
3. To upskill the capacity of the existing regional medical/surgical centres to  provide high-quality and comprehensive cardiovascular health services to enhance the health systems in the context of south-south triangular cooperation.
4. To incentivize the concept of cost saving supply chains such as consortium of joint purchasing to enable low-cost high-volume interventional and open cardiothoracic and vascular surgery that will be affordable to many patients.
5. Promote the private sector to invest more in the healthcare delivery system and develop commercial health insurance schemes.
6. Provide a platform for learning the basics in generative artificial intelligence in healthcare in particular cardiovascular medicine.
7. The global experts will share values of AI in health systems and innovative cardiovascular medicine that will systematically balance digital divide and improve outcomes in healthcare.

Why Attend the  PACTS Summit?
1. Meet legends in cardiac surgery and cardiothoracic and vascular experts discussing cutting-edge techniques and standards of care in four-day debate sessions.                                                                           
2. Master class scientific presentations on the management of patients with congenital and acquired cardiothoracic and vascular diseases.             
3. Learn strategies and approaches for managing cardiothoracic and vascular emergencies from the neonate to the adolescent and adult age.
4. Learn the frontiers of minimally invasive interventional vs open procedures for congenital and acquired cardiothoracic and  vascular diseases.
5. To learn the indications for repair vs replacement of rheumatic mitral valve disease and concomitant tricuspid annuloplasty in children and adolescents.
6.To learn management of chest trauma, the standard approaches to mediastinal and pulmonary oncology.
7.To learn microvascular surgery for salvaging acute and chronic limb ischemia.
8.To explore the complimentary benefits of off-pump vs. on-pump CABG surgery.
9.To learn from the cardio-cerebral and cardio-renal-metabolic expert round table discussion.
10. To participate in the specialized breakout session for hands-on surgical simulation training.
11. To participate in the breakout sessions for echocardiography, advanced cardiac imaging,
12. To participate in the break out session for cardiac anesthesiology on intraopereative cardio-respiratory and cerebral monitoring during cardiac surgery.
13. To learn strategies for managing postcardiotomy heart failure.
14.To participate in the breakout sessions for perfusion techniques, intensive care nursing.
15. To meet colleagues and the faculty during networking breaks, lunches, and the saturday Accra night social event.-
16. To earn West African College of Surgeons (WACS) Category Credits.
17. To participate in abstract competition for young investigators.
18. To cease the opportunity to experience the Ghanaian culture and hospitality, Accra night and historic sites around Accra.

By attending, you will be able to:
Analyze current challenges in the treatment and lifelong management of congenital and acquired cardiothoracic diseases.
Learn strategies for long-term management of congenital and rheumatic/acquired valvular heart disease.  
Critically appraise advanced imaging techniques to guide surgical decision-making for congenital and cardiothoracic diseases.  
Describe surgical options for the management of intermediate and high risk critical aortic stenosis SAVR vs. TAVR and long-term outcomes.   
Critically asses the quality of life of patients with mechanical heart valve prosthesis vs biological/repaired native valves.  
Assess strategies, best practices and surgical approaches for neo-aortic valve reconstruction (Ozaki) vs Ross procedure in children and adolescents:
Identify surgical solutions for complex common AV valve defects, TOF, DORV, Ebstein anomaly, TGA, Endomyocardial fibrosis (EMF) and critically appraise the related data and outcomes.  
Describe strategies for surgical management of rheumatic mitral valve disease associated with mild to moderate tricuspid regurge.  
Assess the complimentary benefits of on-pump vs off-pump CABG surgery
To identify the challenges in the lifelong management of cardiac surgical patient with cardio-cerebral and cardio-renal and metabolic disease
To manage chest trauma and utilize standard approaches for treating mediastinal and pulmonary tumors (oncology)
To learn more about microvascular surgical techniques to salvage acute and chronic limb ischemia
Who Should Attend?
The Summit is targeted to cardiothoracic surgeons, pediatric cardiologists, pediatricians, anesthesiologists, critical care physicians, and other healthcare professionals interested in congenital heart disease from Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Latin America, Canada, Europe and USA:
Education Travel Grant to  Boost Your Career
We are thrilled to announce an Education Travel Grant, which aims to support cardiothoracic and vascular professionals in the early stages of their careers, encouraging equitable representation and inclusivity in the field. This prestigious grant offers the opportunity to enhance your professional skills, build valuable connections, and gain insights from experts. Don't miss out on this exciting chance to take your career to the next level. Apply now and join us for a truly enriching experience at the upcoming Pan-African Cardiothoracic Surgery summit in March 8-11, 2025 in Accra, Ghana.
We Invite You to Join the Emerging Young Leaders                   
Register to join a growing community of young generation career cardiothoracic and vascular professionals focused on approaches to cutting edge cardiothoracic and vascular Diagnostics, Treatment and Recovery and charting the courses of artificial intelligence in this field to improve patients outcomes.
CME Credits
The West African College of Surgeons (WACPS) designates the live sessions of the Pan-African Cardiothoracic Surgery Summit (PACTSS) for a maximum of 30 CME Category 1 Credits Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in sessions.
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Saturday, 8th March
03 June 2024
03 June 2024
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Tuesday, 11th March
31 January 2025
03 June 2024
31 January 2025

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14 February 2025                         
presenter 22 November 2024

PACTSS Local Planning Organizing Committee (Ghana)                                                                                                             
Mrs. Elizabeth Villars, E-mail; elizabethvillars44@gmail.com                                                                           
Prof. Charles Yankah, E-mail: cyankah@web.de                                                                                          
Mr. Kwasi Osei Ofori, Chair, E-mail: kwasi@rocksureintl.com                                                   
Mr. Jeffrey James Peprah, Co-Chair, E-mail: jeffreypeprah@googlemail.com
Mr. Ishaque K. Mensah, E-mail: ikmensah22@gmail.com  
PACTSS Planning Committee (Europe)                                                                                                       
Prof. Charles Yankah, E-mail: cyankah@web.de                                                                                     
Mr. Sampson Adjei, CEO, PACTSS TechCom, E-mail: sam@sameurope.com                                                  
Dr. Jonathan Nwiloh, , E-mail: jnwiloh@gmail.com
Dr: Carlos A. Mestres, , E-mail: carlosamestres@gmail.com
Prof. J. Rafael Sadaba, E-mail: jr.sadaba.sagredo@navarra.es
Pan-African Society for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
c/o Prof.Dr.Charles Yankah
Anschrift: Budapester Straße 39, 10787Berlin, Germany 1
E-mail: info@pascats.com
Bankverbindung: Deutsche Apotheker- u. Ärztebank, BLZ 10090603
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